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Prices are subject to change as wholesale prices fluctuate.  These prices are our basic prices and we can offer package discounts for larger orders.  We do not take orders online currently, however you may call ahead and we can have your order ready for you.  Please call 216-622-7552 to place an order. 

Cuts of beef
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Filet Mignon         $19.99 / lb

New York Strip     $14.99 / lb

 Delmonico           $14.99 / lb 

Porterhouse          $11.99 / lb

T-Bone                 $11.99 /lb

Bone In Ribeye      $12.99 / lb

Flank Steak           $10.99 / lb

Sirloin Steak          $8.99 / lb

Top Round Steak    $5.99 / lb

Skirt Steak            $8.99 / lb


Whole Beef Tenderloin Roast    $16.99 / lb

Standing Rib Roast                   $11.99 / lb

London Broil (Top Round)          $5.99 / lb

Sirloin Tip Roast                      $5.69 / lb

Eye of Round Roast                 $5.69 / lb

Rump Roast                           $5.69 / lb

English Cut Roast                   $5.69 / lb

Tri-Tip Roast                          $7.49 / lb

Brisket                                  $5.99 / lb

Chuck Roast                           $4.99 / lb

 Soup and Other Braising Cuts

Oxtails                                $6.29 /lb

Beef Stew Meat                     $5.69 / lb

English Cut Short Ribs            $5.69 / lb

Beef Short Ribs                     $5.69 / lb

Beef Shank                           $4.99 / lb

Beef Tongue                         $4.29 / lb

End Cut Shanks                     $2.69 / lb

Plate Meat                            $2.69 / lb

Beef Neck Bones                   $2.69 / lb

Beef Kidney                          $1.99 / lb

Bones                                  $1.29 / lb

Suet                                    $1.29 / lb

Ground Meat

Ground Sirloin  (~95% lean)       $5.29 / lb

Ground Chuck   (~80% lean)      $4.29 /lb

Ground Chuck Patties                 $4.29 / lb

Ground Sirloin Patties                 $5.29 / lb


We make two different beef shishkabobs both are great on the grill or in the broiler!
The first is our Marinated Sirloin Shishkabob.
We marinate chunks of Sirloin in Italian dressing
( with some extra seasonings added) and 
combine those with mushrooms, red onions, 
summer squash, red and green bell peppers
all on one easy and convienent grilling skewer.

The second is our Marinated Tenderloin Shishkabob.
We marinate chunks of beef tenderloin in a teryaki marinade 
(with some extra seasonings added)
also all on one easy and convienent grilling skewer 
and also combine those with mushrooms,
         red onions, 
summer squash, red and green bell peppers.

Marinated Sirloin Shishkabobs                 
         $2.75 each
Marinated Tenderloin Shishkabobs           
         $3.75 each

Also check out our chicken prices to find out about our chicken shishkabobs!